Here’s how it works:

Buyers and sellers request bids for your services by zip code. They will also provide approximate value of the property they are buying or selling.

You will receive every request for bid in zip codes that you request below. You must be licensed in that state.

You will receive an alert when a request for bid is placed in a zip code that you enter on your profile. You can select as many zip codes as you like.

When you receive an alert, you can enter your bid, in dollars for your services.

Every request for bid will be open for 24 hours. After that period of time you can no longer bid on that request.

The lowest 3 bids will be the winning bids. If you are one of the 3 winning bidders, you will receive an alert, and contact information for the buyer/seller.

In the event of a tie among multiple winning bids, preference will be given to the agent with the longest active registration in our system.

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Please add comma separated list for multiple zip codes serviced

The price range for the house value you’d like to receive information for.


Payment Options:

$10.00 Per month for an annual subscription ($120.00)
$20.00 Per month for a month to month subscription